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  • Lawn Care Services
    Family Owned on Martha's Vineyard Since 1975
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    Family Owned on Martha's Vineyard Since 1975

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is there really a difference between regular organics and the BeeSafe System?
A. Yes the differences are huge…..BeeSafe System is superior.

Q. What makes the BeeSafe System so superior?
A. Technology: advancements in organic science have allowed the creation of these products.

Q. In what ways are they better?
A. Old organics work very slowly & can often take years to really see the results. This frustrates property owners, who don’t want to have to wait, when they see the instant results of the Chemical/Synthetics.

Q. So BeeSafe is faster?
A. Absolutely, in fact, though a little slower than Synthetics, they are really on even par being available very quickly to the turf or target trees or plants.

Q. But aren’t organics very expensive?
A. The old organics are very expensive, in fact sometimes 2 or 3 times the cost of Synthetics.

Q. Are BeeSafe products less expensive than other organics?
A. Yes, although they are slightly more expensive than Chemical/Synthetics, they are very
competitively priced, making them an obvious choice.

Q. Are there other companies that offer similar products?
A. BeeSafe has Pioneered the highly advanced technology, and is years ahead of any competition
so really…..No.

Q. Did you receive special training & education from the company?
A. Yes, All BeeSafe dealer/applicators go through a comprehensive training and education
process, in fact it is ongoing training education, with weekly seminars to update and keep us
abreast of the latest products and education.

Q. Who offers BeeSafe on Martha’s Vineyard?
A. Fragosa Landscapes is the Exclusive dealer applicator for BeeSafe Products for M.V.

Q, What if we take care of our own property or have another landscaper?
A. This is not an issue, we will be glad to give you a quote for an organic care program
and let you or your current service provider continue the maintenance.


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