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Why Go Organic

Our environment is under stress and attack. As Stewards of the Land, we need to exercise proper management of our lands…our own properties!

Synthetic fertilizers and chemical pesticides are known to cause harm, not only to our environment, but to our pets and children. Yet Millions of Tons of these products are used every year.

There is no reason to keep using these products, over & over again compounding major problems. Not when technology has advanced Organics to the level of BeeSafe Organic Land care System, and while there may be times when a particular problem will call for a non organic solution, the fact of the matter is, we can all but eliminate the use of these products and save our environment from the heavy stress of trying to perpetually cleanse itself from them, while protecting wildlife nature and our own selves in the process.

Its our goal to Make Marthas’s Vineyard Chemical Free, one property at a time.

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