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All Organics Are Not Created Equal

Many companies claim to offer “Organic” lawn & garden care, and some do, but really very few. Many, if not most, belie that claim and use non organic products or partial organics.

So the question is : Aren’t all Organics pretty much the same?

NO!!!!!!!!! Not even close!

The BeeSafe System is cutting edge science applied to organics that make them:
1. Cost effective
2. Products that REALLY work!
3. Products that do not hurt the environment, pets or people!

Here’s the difference:

Ordinary organic products (1st generation same old/same old) that most people use today
(A) Slow to work (that’s why they don’t seem to work)
(B) Very costly, sometimes 2 or 3 times the cost of Synthetics and Chemical products
(C) Customers/consumers get frustrated and give up; when they spend their hard earned
money and don’t get the results they want, when their neighbors property looks great
and they spent half the money………..well you see the problem.

BeeSafe’s Proprietary cutting edge technology CHANGES the LANDSCAPE Literally!
1. Working rapidly to give you the desired results
2. Being cost effective, in fact competitive with Synthetics and Chemicals
3. Consumers see results that rival and sometimes exceed that of Synthetics and Chemicals
4. Protecting the environment, our property, wildlife, children and pets.

In fact many companies and persons who apply organics, don’t really even understand the
product their using or can explain how or why it works! And while there are those who are
knowledgable …..only Fragosa Landscapes is the authorized Dealer/applicator for BeeSafe
Organic Landcare products. And we can & will tell you why and how our products work.

Let us put an Organic program quote together for your property, and make your property
not only beautiful, but safe for you, your family and pets.

“Making Martha’s Vineyard chemical free one property at a time”

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